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Lash Extension Maintenance Tips

Lash Extension Maintenance Tips

Eyelash extension aftercare 

Eyelash Extensions are a high support magnificence treatment. They require extremely delicate consideration all together for the lashes to last more and remain in great condition. 

Be delicate. Try not to rub or pull on your eyelash augmentations. 

Keep your Eyelash Extensions dry for 4-6 hours after your arrangement. 

You might wash your face in the sink utilizing a washcloth, keeping away from the eye region. 

Keep all oil based items from the eyes and recollect that everything all over will venture out to the eye region. 

Oil WILL break down the glue and you will have an untimely lash augmentation misfortune. 

Your hands can get filthy, and soil is sleek, so you’ll need to keep your fingers off your eyes except if purifying. 

Lash coloring should be done 24-48 hours before your lash fill arrangements. 

No perming the lashes! 

No saunas, facials, or swimming inside 4-6 hours of use. 

Try not to put your head in the stove when heating! It can burn your expansions! Dismiss your head from the stove when placing anything in or hauling anything out. 

Try not to utilize Eyelash Curlers. 

You ought to be cautious and take explicit consideration with cosmetics and remover. 

Try not to utilize cotton on your lash expansions. 

Wash your lashes every day (after the underlying 4-6 hours). Apply without oil cosmetics remover with your fingers, scouring tenderly down the lashes. 

Or then again you might apply sans oil cosmetics remover to your lashes utilizing an expendable mascara wand. Shower onto a wand, brush through lashes tenderly, and wash with warm water. 

Mascara ought to be launderable and can’t be waterproof. 

We suggest The Lashe Cleanser. 

We suggest The Lashe Mascara as it is intended to be worn with eyelash expansions and can be eliminated without any problem. 

Put on mascara to the tips of the lashes as it were. No compelling reason to swipe from base to top. 

Try not to endeavor to eliminate any lashes all alone, call us for an arrangement. 

Brush your lashes every day. 

Eyelash extension care rules 

Keep in mind: 

1) We aren’t connecting plane parts! Forceful conduct towards the lashes will make the lash expansions fall off. 

2) Keep them dry for 4-6 hours after application. In the event that you wear eye shadows and liners, you should keep it on or re-apply over it. 

3) Keep oil off your lashes, including oils from your fingers. 

4) If you wash them, you will wear them longer. Make certain to scrub day by day to eliminate oils. 

5) Brushing takes care of most issues. Take a stab at brushing the lashes tenderly in the event that you notice something out of order.

Strip lash care tips 

The greater part of us apply a coat or two of mascara over our phony engineered lashes in light of the fact that, hello, anything valuable merits doing extra. 

Be that as it may, item development can prompt wrinkled, broken, and gunky-looking phony lashes, also opening up the chance of getting eye contamination the following time you wear them. 

Notwithstanding, you’ve likely got every one of the items you need to clean your bogus eyelashes in your medication bureau at this moment. 

Here’s the way to clean manufactured bogus lashes (not mink or other regular lashes!): 

Start with cotton or reusable swabs, clean towels, and either scouring liquor or without oil eye cosmetics remover. 

Spot the bogus lashes on a perfect towel and soak the finish of your q-tip in liquor or eye cosmetics remover, crushing off any overabundance item. 

Utilize the q-tip to tenderly rub away eye cosmetics and paste from your lashes, trying to give additional consideration to the lash groups, which for the most part get pretty gross. 

Finish the cosmetics evacuation measure by utilizing another q-tip plunged in warm water to clear off any excess mascara. 

Delicately strip off any excess eyelash stick. 

Never crush your bogus lashes dry in the wake of cleaning them. Mastermind them back into their unique shape and let them air dry on a towel

How to take care of eyelash extensions when sleeping

Laying down with lash expansions: Should you rest on your back? Would it be advisable for you to utilize a specific pillowcase or veil? 

Today, we’re nothing this eyelash extension care question for certain extraordinary tips from our preparation clan here at The Lash Lounge! 

The most effective method to SLEEP 

At the point when you have eyelash expansions, you can deal with your eyelash augmentations by getting your zzz’s on your back. This guarantees that each valuable lash will remain set up, stay immaculate and not experience any pulling during those evenings you wind up thrashing around. 

In case you’re not a back sleeper, we realize it could be intense for you. Assuming resting on your side is the way you’re generally comfortable, that is A-alright, as well! Simply realize that in case you are a side sleeper, it isn’t extraordinary in the event that you have two or three lashes on your pad every once in a while.

Can You Curl Eyelash Extensions?

You need your lashes to appear as though one with your falsies, so you stick on the falsies and return in with ten hundred million more layers of mascara and afterwards your lash styler to smoosh them. Together, correct? Not a chance. Terrible move.

“Never twist your bogus eyelashes. It makes an exceptionally unnatural-looking curve,” says Roncal. Start the entire interaction by twisting your regular lashes and follow with one (indeed, one) layer of mascara. When the phony lashes have been gotten, you can return in with your mascara, yet just at the base to stick them all together.

Eyelash Extension Care 

Dealing with your lashes is fundamental for a delightful, dependable set. We have every one of the subtleties on the best way to really focus on eyelash augmentations with the goal that you continue to adore them… and cherishing YOU! 


Frothing lash cleaning agent for dealing with lash expansions from The Lash Lounge 


The most ideal approach to keep up with eyelash expansions is to keep them clean—disregard face wash. A lash cleaning agent is a perfect apparatus for the work! However, an extraordinary lash chemical—you need one extraordinarily figured only for lash augmentations! At The Lash Lounge, we offer a fabulous frothing lash chemical. 

Our own is without oil, liquor-free, paraben-free, gluten free and vegetarian. It contains a one of a kind mix of 10 normal concentrates that gloat calming and antibacterial properties. 

Together, these fixings delicately and completely break down cosmetics and oil development, while leaving the skin delicate and hydrated—extraordinary for lash maintenance! 

Besides, unscented, it’s extraordinary for touchy eyes! 

When cleaning your eye region to eliminate cosmetics and eyeshadow, we prescribe applying the chemical to our eyelash cleaning agent brush. Then, at that point, delicately wash in descending clearing movements over the eyelid and lash line. Flush your eyes with new water until all items are taken out. 

Subsequent to cleaning your lashes, let them air dry, then, at that point utilize your lash wand to delicately brush them back into their cushioned shape! 

2. Really look at YOUR MASCARA

The excellence of lash expansions is that you have beautiful, long, full lashes without wearing mascara! 

We realize that some of you might in any case need to wear mascara now and again, which is 100% alright… with an admonition: the mascara should be made for lash expansions. 

On the off chance that you’ve gotta have it to feel your best, we offer two kinds of mascaras at The Lash Lounge: 

Volumizing—add some additional oomph! 

Protracting with Keratin—fortify those lash hairs! 

In case you’re a mascara savage, be certain just to wear a water-based mascara. This isn’t equivalent to waterproof mascara, so ensure you take a gander at those names! 

Apply just one layer of lash extension safe mascara and just to the tips of your lashes. 

3. Keep away from LASH FRICTION 

Why cause any additional rub or erosion to your lash expansions when you don’t have to? Abstain from tingling, pulling, scouring or pulling on your lash region. 

A portion of our visitors even changes to silk cushion cases to dispense with that steady contact. 

In any case, don’t stress over ordinary contact with water! Exercises like swimming with lashes and face-washing are lash augmentation safe! Yet, in case you’re headed toward surfing, go for a speedboat ride or swim in salt water, ensure you snatch some goggles first!

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